Strategic Contract Risk Management

The most popular Risk Doctor Course

DESCRIPTION: A major problem facing senior management with contracts is the very real possibility of an employee exposing the organisation to potentially catastrophic litigation through commercial contracts. This can easily occur if an employee does not exercise proper care in negotiating, agreeing to and documenting the promises (that is, the contract’s terms and conditions). What further worries management is that commercial contracts are an everyday occurrence for most corporate managers, and that many contracts can involve very large sums of money, and thus contractual problems can have potentially devastating consequences. This course seeks to identify and mitigate the risks of such errors occurring. It will cover the key issues of all courses. Personal attention for each participant is guaranteed. Irrespective of the duration each course will have a practical activity so that the learnings can be applied the very next day at work.

OVERVIEW: This course conveniently amalgamates in a seamless way the five courses described above into a course with the following topics: (1) contract lifecycle risks; (2) negotiation risks; (3) financial risks; (4) legal/drafting and ‘fine-print’ risks and (5) risks due to lack of systems and processes.

DURATION: 2 or 3 days:

  • The two-day version is for participants who want a quick feel of the key issues and risks. This is The Risk Doctor’s most popular course.
  • The three-day versions are best for participants who want a more detailed analysis of the key issues.


  • Introduction: The inherent risks with contracts and managing contracts
  • contract lifecycle management
  • dealing with negotiation risk management
  • financial management of contracts
  • contract and related laws risk management
  • the law of contract for non-lawyers
  • other laws that affect contracts
  • drafting
  • an analysis of 40 key boilerplate terms
  • contract management processes
  • Major Activity: Irrespective of the duration each course will have a practical activity so that the learnings can be applied the very next day at work. Note that all activities are designed to cover ‘the big picture’.


  • Bring a contract that you have worked on or will be working on.
  • Consider the risks your organisation, and especially the part that you are responsible for, faces when dealing with contracts
  • Consider what would be the benefit of better practice contract management issues for your organisation.
  • Prepare questions that you would like to have answered.


  • Each participant will be given a comprehensive manual that will both be a manual for use in class and a reference tool outside class.
  • In certain circumstances, satisfactory completion of an assessment for this course will gain a Diploma of Contract Mangement or a post graduate subject credit to an MBA degree in Melbourne and also in Adelaide. Conditions apply.

REMEMBER: You need to first identify risks before you can mitigate them. Thus, let The Risk Doctor help you to identify and determine how to mitigate them.