Finance for Better Management of Commercial Contracts and Projects

DESCRIPTION: The cost/price of a contract needs to be properly determined otherwise an organisation could carry the liability of a poorly performing contract for many years. This course is designed to assist the participant to help determine the feasibility of a contract, and will consider the various costs and revenues before entering into the project, during the deliver and after the delivery. The course includes a major activity – a business case. Other parts of the course will consider whether the deliverables have been met (looking at KPIs and ratios); the winding up of a contract/project; the key financial statements (balance sheet, cash flow and profit and loss statements, with an emphasis on the latter two); and ways to focus on cash flow and profitability. Irrespective of the duration each course will have a practical activity so that the learnings can be applied the very next day at work.

OVERVIEW: This course is specifically designed to provide knowledge on the key areas of financial risks that can affect contracts and projects: business cases, checking whether deliverables have been met, closing a project, and how to read budgets and financial statements. In addition the financial risks at each point in the contract management lifecycle will be analysed in detail.

DURATION: 1 or 2 days

REMEMBER: You need to first identify risks before you can mitigate them. Thus, let me help you to identify and determine how to mitigate them.