Avoiding the Seven Deadly Contract Risks (TM)

DESCRIPTION: This is a bite-size timely, entertaining and insightful session on topics critical to managing commercial contracts. The session is ideal for staff training, client education and as a topic for a networking session. The sessions can easily be delivered to a group during breakfast, lunch or after work networking events or training, in seminar or workshop format.  The topics summarise the five key areas that were discussed in Course 6 (Strategic Contract Risk Management), above.

OVERVIEW: These information sessions are designed to provoke thinking on the key areas of contract risks faced by organisations.

PARTICIPANTS: The course is designed for both strategic and operational level participants.

DURATION: 1 hour to one day (1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hour of a full day).

NOTE: Each participant will be given pinted materials for use in the session and for use as a reference tool outside class.

REMEMBER: You need to first identify risks before you can mitigate them. Thus, let The Risk Doctor help you to identify and determine how to mitigate them.

Avoiding Risks Article by Cyril Jankoff giving more detail about this presentation.