The origin of many contractual issues is that the contract management system is deficient, and/or the staff do not have the necessary contract management knowledge and skills. The former can be improved by way of consulting (see below) and the latter by training / mentoring (see tabs above).

Do you have commercial contract issues?

If you feel that you have commercial contract issues, download our Diagnostic and fill it out to help you determine if you have any. The Risk Doctor may be able to assist. Let him:

  1. identify your commercial contract risks; and
  2. once identified let him suggest ways the identified contract risks can be mitigated.

Consultation area

  1. Design a training program to improve the contract management capabilities of your staff
  2. To assist in the following areas, which is helpful if your staff are away or too busy:
    1. Contract negotiations
    2. Business cases and feasibility studies
    3. Contract audits
    4. Governance and contract management/contract administration system design
    5. Identification and mitigation of core risks
    6. Strategic Contract Risk Management training and mentoring
    7. Setting up a stronger procurement system.
    8. Procurement alternaties, eg EOI, tender
    9. Risk reduction through (1) contract reviewers; (2) document execution forms; and (3) risk committees
    10. Reducing sales persons’ misleading statements in presentations
    11. Variations
    12. Setting up filing systems for contracts, variations and contract-related correspondence.

Contact The Risk Doctor

You can get in touch through our contact form below, or call The Risk Doctor through 0414 819 157. We are also on Skype as theriskdoctor.

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